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Who we are

We are indigenous Christians that live in the holy land, we are known as the living stones as well

We have been accompanying pilgrims for more than 25 years, even in tough times we are committed to continue our ministry, especially during this pandemic that is drifting us apart.

We have been faithful for spreading the faith to the pilgrims who witnessed all the holy sites. So, when you join us, we take your hands and walk with you exactly where the Lord was born where he grew up walked and ministered and where he gave himself as a sacrifice for the human race on the cross.

During the 2020 pandemic, when Israel was completely closed off to tourists, I along with my team of professional photographers, cameramen and certified tour guides, were able to travel to the different holy sites. Without all the bustling crowds, the distraction of shouting vendors and other tour guides, or the time and weather constraints, we were able to capture the quiet holiness and solemnity of each place. For an up-close and personal experience, come with us as we explore the history and beauty of the Holy Land. Spend as much time as you would like in prayerful meditation, absorbing the holiness of the surroundings. It’s your own tour, feeling exactly like you are there. Each venue is captured in the round. Return to your favorite places as often as you'd like, immersing yourself fully in a 3-D virtual experience with Magdala VR-360.

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