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Our mission

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In dealing with the present situation of the Pandemic and travel restrictions, our VR system brings the Holy Land experience to your Homes.

 The Holy land has been the top travel destination for people eager to know the land of the Bible, where Jesus walked, where He taught, and performed miracles.

So as part of our expertise in the field of Christian pilgrimages we have designed this VR system to stay faithful to your needs.

The mission of Magdalavr360 is to provide everyone with an affordable way to visit the Holy Land. We understand that in today’s world it is becoming exceedingly hard to travel, so we have come up with a unique solution to enable the Holy Land to come to you - virtually.

We at Magdalavr360 want to bring people closer to God and to faith by giving them the opportunity to make a virtual personal pilgrimage to the Land of the Bible: to where the events in Scripture actually happened.

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